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Interview with Dublin Painter Salvatore of Lucan

Ireland is known for its artistic history, it is one of the few Nobel winning nations punching above its weight. The history of wonderful writers, poets and painters is engrained within Irelands cultural fabric. Art is defined by its generation and time periods and Ireland’s next generation of artists is only just being discovered.

Salvatore of Lucan is an Irish painter that represents this next generation of Irish artists. His art is unique in its abstract images mixed with masterful painting. His painting is striking and it represents how daring the Irish painting scene can be. Salvatore of Lucan has had paintings in the National Gallery and is the subject of a television documentary. In an interview with The Circular Salvatore describes his favourite are as well as his career in painting so far. 

If you are interested in art or simply want to see the cultural side of Ireland give it a listen below. 

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