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Interview with Bart Nannery from 4Degrees West

Photo Credit: 4Degrees West

Every day, new bands, musicians, singers and fresh talent are being welcomed into the Irish music industry. This week, The Circular caught up with Cavan musician Bart Nannery, from 4Degrees West.

Did you always have an interest in music? When did you start singing?  

I have had an interest in music my whole life. Singing in the shower mostly until I was provoked into singing at the graduation mass in my leaving cert year in school. I bought my first guitar off eBay for €40 when I was in second year in secondary school. Music also runs in my family. My mother was a beautiful singer and fiddle & banjo player. Its hard to miss music in the Nannery household. Its at the stage now where I can’t not see myself playing music! Its a passion.

How did 4Degrees West begin?

It all began as a bit of fun to enter into a busking competition in Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford. There is four in the band, two girls and two boys. We knew about five songs for the competition. Unfortunately we didn’t win but luckily we did come home with two pub bookings for gigs -which was a great start.

Was it tough in the beginning to get your bands name out there Especially within the Irish music industry?

Yes it was very difficult in the beginning. After all, it’s a tough business. But you’ve just got to keep going and keep trying. We often turned up at a venue to play, set up all the gear and end up having to take it down to go home with empty pockets because no one showed up to support. Nights like that are very disheartening. But all you can do is get back up and go again. Even if you turn up to play and there are only five spectators, you still need to put on your best show. 

What would be your best memory to date with the band?

The best memories would have to be performing at gigs. I love when you’re in front of a crowd and they’re listening to every word sang and every note being played. In other words, when music is appreciated. Hearing a crowd sing back lyrics is a phenomenal feeling! I will always remember our first big gig in Sligo. It was at the fleadh (festival of Irish music and culture) The pub was packed with people of every age, they sang and danced along to every song we played.

Any future plans for 4Degrees West?

We’re hoping to release our first ep in the near future. Getting that released would be a huge success. I’d love to see the bands name pop up on Spotify in my suggested artist’s section! That would be a huge goal for the band.

Video Credit: Youtube
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