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Interview with a doctor on how to live a healthy life

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Nowadays, many people are overweight and unfit. Research had found out that more and more people suffer from obesity, damaging their health. For the sake of good health it is advisable that we don’t eat too much. Lack of exercise had become a major problem in the society. Many people hardly engage in sports and that’s very harmful to their body especially when you consume a lot of calorie. To keep a healthy life we need to mind what we eat and avoid too much junks, most especially engage our self in one sports or the other. High content of calorie in the diet are very harmful as they will deposit in our blood vessels. Most health experts recommend that processed foods or junk foods should be limited or eating them in moderation. Junk food or processed foods may not be the most nutritious choice. Choose wisely when you’re eating more indulgent items. Foods like chips, frozen meals, fast food, pastries.

This is some of the benefits of exercise to body; It strengthens the heart, it helps keep arteries and veins clear, it strengthens the lungs, it reduces blood sugar levels, it controls weight, it makes the bones strong, it helps prevent cancer, it helps regulates blood pressure.

To keep the body active we need at least three days of work out in a week. Exercising helps the body pump more blood to the muscles. It also increases appetite and promote quality sleep. In other to live a health life exercise is very necessary.

According to dr robert macarthur, balanced diet is one of the most important parts of maintaining a good healthy body. Without a balanced diet, it’ll be very difficult to maintain healthy life. To avoid the high content of calories, you should have a balance diet. Avoid eating too much junk, eat much of vegetables, fruits and avoid too much red meat and carbohydrate. The most important food groups are Fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain the highest amount of vitamins and minerals. Some of the benefit of consuming fruits and vegetable: decreased blood pressure, better management of blood sugar and diabetes, decreased risk of stroke and heart disease, prevent some types of cancers and decrease risk of blindness. It is also advisable that the young and old men reduce the way they consume alcohol. Some research have shown that very moderate alcohol consumption less than one bottle every few days can have positive effects on your health. However, many people drink more than this and higher amounts of alcohol can have negative side effect on your health. To live long life and stay healthy, avoid diets that contain too much calories. To have a generally healthy body, you should try to maintain a healthy weight. If you’re overweight, you are not maintaining a generally healthy body. Staying fit is good for our health. Nobody knows our bodies more than us, we will suffer it if there is anything going wrong in our bodies. Let’s care about our body. Let’s keep fit today

interview with a doctor how to live a healthy life

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