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Interview: Dublin Foreigners Recollect Fond Childhood Memories (Audio)

This week, The Circular is taking a walk down memory lane.

If one were to recall some of their fondest life memories, a good chunk of them would be from our childhood. Remember when you used to fall asleep on the couch and magically end up on the bed when you awoke in the morning? How about the delicious food after playtime? Or arguing with your siblings for control over the remote?

There are countless treasures like these which we cherish. While we may have an understanding of growing up in our native country, how much do we know about what it may be like in a foreign nation?

Ireland is a multicultural society with over half a million foreign nationals from 200 countries calling it home. In this scenario, there is a myriad of people raised in settings which may seem vastly different to our own and yet familiar at the same time.

In this programme, five foreign nationals – Andreina Gonzalez from Venezuela, Shefali Rawat from India, Aylin Yilmaz from Turkey, Toluwalope Faith Saheed and Stanley Ifeanyichukwuonuoha from Nigeria share some of their childhood stories.

The Circular hopes that these warm recollections give you an insight into foreign culture and upbringing while also helping you reminisce on your own childhood.

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