International students in Dublin: Different countries, same thoughts
International Students. Credits to UNE Photos (Flickr)

Ireland has a large number of international students studying here. Students from all over the world enroll themselves every year at one of the colleges in the country.
International Students. Credits to UNE Photos (Flickr)

The majority of students are from countries like China, India, Pakistan, the Middle East, etc. According to Enterprise Ireland, the students are worth more than €1 billion to the Irish economy. It is believed that the country is trying to attract more students every year with the main focus being on China, Brazil, India, the Middle East, the United States and Southeast Asia.

The number of students from different countries that arrive in Dublin increase every year. That number has risen by more 25 per cent since 2012. While the entire student body is composed of 8.8 per cent, it is aimed to bring that ratio to 15 per cent by 2020.

Sheila Power, director of the Irish Council for International Students, told the Irish Times: “Irish universities are attractive to international students and are seen as a friendly, safe, English-speaking, intellectually sophisticated country with significantly lower programme fees than the US or the UK.”

Griffith College Dublin

While there are thousands of students studying in different college across the country, Griffith College, which is situated in Dublin 8, also have many students with different nationalities studying in it. It has around 1400 international students who are from more than 77 different countries. Those students enrol themselves in different courses that the college has to offer.

there is a majority of students from non-European students studying in the college and most of them are from Asia, particularly from Pakistan, India and China. Apart from Asia, a large number of students hail from Brazil as well. While the courses they choose vary, many of the international students are enrolled in the language courses as English is not their first language.

If they are not enrolled in the language course, then the courses they go for are usually a degree in areas such as accountancy, business and computer science. Such courses have a high number of students from China, India and Pakistan.

During the initial months most if the International students prefer staying near to the college. Many of them stay near in the city centre due to its close proximity to the college. There are many other students as well that stay at the student accommodation provided by the college in the campus itself.

But, others find difficulty in searching a suitable accommodation in Dublin due to the homelessness problem Ireland is facing at the moment. Felipe Mennucci Wasserstein, who is from Brazil and is pursuing masters in journalism and media communications, chose Ireland for his future studies as he holds dual citizenship. When he first arrived here, he had a problem in finding an appropriate accommodation for himself. It has only been around two and a half months since he first arrived here and now he is looking for part time job as well. He sometimes misses his family as well.

Trinity College Dublin

Considered to be the best in Ireland, Trinity College Dublin also many international student studying in it. The college was founded in 1592 and is located in the heart of the city. Trinity has a diverse and multicultural community of over 17,000 students pursuing courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level.

While many students, too, live in the accommodation, others have to opt for the private ones. Due to the housing crisis, it has become really difficult for students to find a suitable place to live with affordable prices. Ruchi Singh, who is pursuing MSc in Digital Marketing from Trinity College Dublin faced the same problem: “For the first few days, I didn’t find a suitable accommodation, so had to live in hotels and student hostels (which were available only for a short period of time).”

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