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International Students Cost of Living in Dublin: Podcast

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In Dublin, international students find the cost living quite expensive from accommodation to feeding and transport.  According to the Education in Ireland website, the average cost of student living in Ireland is 7000 to 12000 euro a year. 

According the ICOS (Irish council for international student) ,living cost in Dublin have ranged between €10,000 and €15,000 a year, which also depends on the type of accommodation chosen. This includes rent, laundry, travel, food, books, and medicine. This research is done every year. This is the most recent one conducted.

In some countries, international students are made to show that they have access to certain amount of money before being granted a visa. The currencies used in some of their home countries are also lower than the euros they spend here in Dublin.

Some students pay rents ranging from 600 to 1000 euro per month. A lot of students get part-time jobs to be able to pay up they expenses.

I had two international students attending Griffith college, Dublin to speak on this topic on my podcast which is embedded below. They talked about their cost of living experience since they arrived in Dublin. One has spent over a year in Dublin while the other arrived in Dublin 4 months ago. They both had similar but also different experience when it comes to their cost of living here in Dublin. Here is the podcast: 

podcast on cost of living for international students in Dublin

As you can tell from listening to the podcast, international students find the cost of  living in Dublin expensive especially if you don’t have a job.

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