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Did you know? Nigerian Edition

Forget everything you’ve heard about Nigerians, Nigerians have been labelled as some of the happiest people in the world.  Although there are many hardships stemming from the country, there are some light facts you need to know about Nigerians and the circular has them for you.

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photo credit: Giphy, Ebony Life TV, The Wedding Party Movie

Nigerians love weddings/ wedding receptions. They love weddings so much, the wedding guests sometimes tend to outshine the couple with their choice of outfits, dance moves and most of them are just there for the food and free drinks and singles. 

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Photo Credit: Giphy, Ebony Life TV, The Wedding Party Movie

There is no interesting fact about Nigeria without the honorable mention of Nigerian parents, in this case Nigerian mothers. 

Fun fact:  Nigerian mothers are known to be avid Whatsapp message broadcasters, that most people suggest should be considered a part-time job for them.
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Here are some examples of funny things Nigerian mothers have ever said to their kids. 

When her child says mummy I’m sorry, she replies, “sorry for yourself”.

When her child asks her where to drop something, she replies, “drop it on my head”.

When her child says, “mummy I have a fever” she replies, “why won’t you have fever when you are always pressing your phone”. 

When you tell her you are going to a friends house and she asks “when was the last time your friend came to your house to play with you”.

When she tells you, “I didn’t kill my mother so you will not kill me”

She always wants you to greet that one relative on the phone.
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African parents are also known for threatening to send their kids back to Nigeria as some sort of life-changing punishment. Legend has it that, it is a maximum sentence which a chance of parole.  (If said culprit resides outside Nigeria) but not before you get the flipflop or belt treatment.

There have been some criminal activities going on with clothing companies, spotting a cute outfit and ordering it, what arrives is the complete opposite of what you saw online. 

Since clothing is being addressed, Nigerian tailors are considered some sort of rare artifacts. You either get the good ones who care about the asoebi (African fabric) you take to them to sew for a wedding or party, they care about the outcome and deadline but some innocent Lagosians have been said not be so lucky and have fallen into the wrong hands of the Thanos that is Nigerian tailors.
Photo Credit: Amagitesblog and Nairaland

Another interesting fact The Circular gathered is Nigerians rule black/African twitter. From an account that sends subliminal messages aka subs to an arch nemesis to another account revealing exposés on sordid love affairs and let us not forget the savage replies. Also, it has been advised to never come for a Nigerian on social media if they did not “send for you” because they will come for and everything that you love.
Photo Credit: instagram @savagereplies
Photo Credit: Instagram@Savagereplies

 Finally, Nollywood, the Nigerian movie industry.
Photo Credit: Instagram @funny_african_pics

The Nigerian movie industry is known to produce the best and the worst kind of movies but the fans love them, people consider them hilarious, witty and thought-provoking and also makes a great meme. 

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Until next time for more interesting facts.

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