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Instagram’s Leading Beauty Brands.

photos from flickr by Inthert

Instagram from its inception has pushed the expectations of its creator within the last decade. The dynamics have moved from sincere posts to share sweet moments, reconnecting with childhood friends and distant family to scheduled posts of advertising and AI algorithm determining impressions and views of each post.

The frequent updates have further broadened the function of the image-sharing platform, such that one can factly attribute its $20billion turnover in 2019 to the usage of ads on the application. Brands have shipped their online marketing offices to their Instagram profiles, employing the use of influencers, celebrity ambassadors, and Instagram post sponsorship.

The most notable group of companies that have hugely influenced the success of their brands through Instagram are beauty brands such as Estee Lauder companies, Mac Beauty company, Kylie Cosmetics, and Kylie Skin company. With the platform’s capability to deliver great visual content and promoting user engagement, Instagram was pivotal to generating customer acquisition and retention for these beauty brands.

Statista reports that the beauty and fashion content continues to remain a trending and influential part of the application with a high percentage of audience and user engagements. Using various marketing and advertising strategies on Instagram, these brands can reach their customers globally one post at a time. A report by Statista discloses the most popular beauty brands on the platform with Mac Cosmetics retaining its lead in the beauty brand sector since 2016 with 22.61 million followers. Kylie Cosmetics comes in second with 21.81 million while Anastasia Beverly Hills with 19.71million followers is in third place.

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