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Instagram: The leading social media for Gen Z.

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The name Gen Z sprang up in the early 2016 used to refer to people born between 1997 to 2012. The Gen Z according to Meriam Webster dictionary refers to ‘Generation’ and and for some people ‘Zoomer’ or the Generation Z.

 What makes Gen Z different from the Millennials and other generations is the impact of technology has on them. Being born in the ocean of technology, they are seen as digital natives and more advanced in technology.

photo by Anna Shvets for Pixabay

The Pew Research Centre identified Gen Zs are ‘radically and ethnically diverse’ than the millennials. They could be known for different names like ‘Zoomer’, Generation Z, i-Gen, or post-millennial.

Research by Jason Dorsey shows that 95% of Gen Zs own a smartphone and 83% own a laptop; because they are engaging, they tend to channel their engagement towards the social media that possess the features they admire more.

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Instagram has been recorded globally as the most used for the Gen Z. According to research on Earth web, 62% of Gen Z’s claim to use Instagram daily.

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Instagram sparked up in October 2010. This is a social media platform that allowed users to upload contents and share lives with the world through photos and videos in a wide range. It has a distinct feature of filtering an image and photos into an artistic and enhanced looking image. Also, the ability of users to share experience in real time (live situation) made social network sharing a convenient one. A report by Global Index shows it’s the fastest growing social network, increasing its active users by 23% in only six months.

youtube video by Jade Beason on how Instagram will advance further in 2023.

Research published by Research Gate reveals that Gen Z rates Instagram more on knowing more about their friends, being more connected with family and friends, and reliefs boredom. They are impressed by its appealing medium that gives room for more pictures, contents without many restrictions. They believe that Instagram is the best platform for them.

Tweets on Instagram as beneficial social media.

Gen Z have been observed as the generation that devotes longer time to social network compared to others and its quite good to explore the social network that is more appealing to them.

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