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Frank weekly -Podcast week 7

Hi Guys, and welcome back to another week of Frank weekly!

Last week funnily enough we discussed holiday planning at a time when we are all restricted in leaving our homes, never mind the country! I hope that you found it useful as an escape from current challenges, while providing hope in planning for the future post Covid 19.

The podcast continues to face the challenge of finding new material during this era of self-isolation. But nevertheless, we move forward and strive to create lifestyle content which is relevant and useful to the public.

Finally, I want to thank you all for your continued support. If you are a fan of the podcast, I hope that you recognise your value as a listener and the role that you play in helping us to grow.

This week we discuss wedding planning. Hopefully this is a topic that some of you will find immediately useful, and a lot of you will find eventually useful. I sat down with my soon to be wife to address the challenges and joys of planning the big day.

Although the event won’t take place until mid-2021, our plans are well underway. I have been particularly surprised at how early the process must begin, as this sector as booming at present. It is an exciting time but also a demanding one. The interviewee has certainly shouldered most of the burden so her insight should prove far more valuable than my own!

So, check out this week podcast below, and remember to like and share. Also please let me know how this compares to your own experience with this topic, by commenting below!

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