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Inequalities Gender at work:​ Ireland vs France

In France, since the 5th of November at forty-seven past four PM, women worked for free. This fact shows the wage inequalities between men and women in France. So what is going on in Ireland? This week, the Circular has investigated this subject for you. 

Inequalities between men and women are more and more discussed in developed countries such as Ireland or France. But, despite rules, political measures, gender inequalities is far from ended. Ireland is particularly impacted by this issue, especially at work.

In 2017, Irish women earned 13,9 % less than a man. Despite laws, this gap did not reduce between 2010 and 2017. Compare to France, Irish women earn 1,5% more than French women.

Another example of work’s inequalities, it is the percentage of rate employment. In Ireland, only 73,4% of the total of women who could work, worked. In comparison, this number grows up to 82, 7%.

Even in women’s careers, they are less represented in “the boards of management of Ireland’s top businesses.” Only 13,2% are women. Compared to France, this number grows up to 37%. Here, a graph to understand more clearly the situation :

Inequalities Gender at work in %: Ireland vs France 

European Commission

Inequalities are still running

But, the European Union worked for a more equal reparation of women in business companies: “MEPs backed a European Commission proposal to ensure gender balance on boards for publicly-listed companies.According to the CSO in 2017, only 22,2% of members of the Dáil Éireann were women. It shows that even where people are trying to reduce inequalities, there are present. It will be a long way to reduce wage and work inequalities in the country.

In France, throughout the years, governments have created laws and fines to respect equality at work and in politics. 

These figures and statistics show that despite all the great advances in this domain. There is still a lot of work to do. But the country is trying to reduce this gap. According to the United Nations and its programs on gender equalities, in Ireland, 46% of the official help of Ireland Development is dedicated to sex equalities and women independence. This study shows that Ireland thinks seriously about this problem. The Irish government wants to reach parity in the next few years. This is one of their main objectives.

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