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India is Burning, Secularity vs “Nazism”

India, the land of indigenous culture, mouth-watering food and  “secularity” where if one was French, German, American, Dutch, Muslim, Buddhist didn’t matter. There are a lot of protests and violence taking place in the country as of this moment where individuals are being brutally harmed on the basis of religion and caste.

Growing up, I have always believed that our country welcomes any religion and doesn’t discriminate, there is unity, peace, and harmony.

Sadly, this has changed, with acts such as the CAA( Citizens Amendment Act) innocent Muslims are being attacked, my land was never like this. There were no fires, no injuries, no teargas, the police didn’t press charges or abuse their power on the public. With Modi reigning in power, the BJP and many such incidents have created a gap between Hindus and minorities. The democracy no longer ceases to exist, students are being attacked by the police, the political system is becoming like a Nazi where one man in the state holds all the power and chooses to ignore it.

This is a heartbreaking letter to each and every Indian, no matter what religion, caste or creed- unity and diversity was our strength, hold on to it, exercise it, exercise opinions, educate, help each other before there is nothing left to pass to the future generations, no land, no humanity or no values , set an example and take stand but stay United. There is power in number maybe to improve the fate of our country.

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