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Inclusive Society: What you should know

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Although, the subject of an inclusive society used to center restrictively around social injustice with issues about racial discrimination and gender inequalities. However, the reality of many societies is that there are more circumstances that lead to discrimination beyond race or gender. Recently, concerns regarding access of people with special needs to healthcare and education to leadership and career opportunities have formed a very important objective in the process of creating a comprehensive inclusive society.

On a broader perspective therefore, an inclusive society stems from the understanding and respect for human differences, needs and abilities which are all considered in strategizing solutions that is aimed at enabling everyone realize their potentials and maximize their capacities.

Modernity has evolved to a point where it does not only focus on producing complex technological solutions but also solving the most basic human needs. In fact, the growth of countries are now measured by how much the vulnerable are considered and facilitated to live a quality life. Hence, it is now a government priority to build an inclusive society.

A good example is practiced in Ireland, The National Council for Special Education provides support to special needs student and one of their core objectives of inclusive learning is to focus on what learners can do rather than what they cannot do, this enables a person with special needs feel equipped and confident to express their skills and function in the society.

According to the United Nations, the core objective of an inclusive society is social integration that is, “a dynamic and principled process of promoting the values, relations and institutions that enable all people to participate in social, economic, cultural and political life on the basis of equality of rights, equity and dignity”.

In creating a fair and developed society, “all lives matter” – this does end as a catchy phrase, it is a conscious effort to respect and cater for human diversity in needs and deeds.

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