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InShot – A helpful App to store all your vacation photos

Credit: Lewis Minor (Flickr)

How the handling and storage of vacation photos have changed over the years and what opportunities the technology offers us today. A Review of a smartphone App.

Photo album
Credit: Lewis Minor (Flickr)

I own a box. A box that has certainly seen better days and just because of studying the box stays with my parents in the garage – shrouded in dust. In this box are a lot of pictures; Memories of holidays with friends, partner or family. In this box are also tickets, street maps, bus tickets and other souvenirs. Nothing is thrown away, that plane ticket to Egypt or the all-inclusive band of the cruise ship would surely do well next to the pictures in an album. Why am I thinking of this box right now?

This weekend I had a visit from two friends from Germany and we have made tons of pictures. Here a selfie, there a selfie, here the Cathedral and here Molly Malone. Once again, it occurred to me how I keep and secure these pictures and memories.

We can admit that in the last five years, we have rarely printed pictures and pasted them into an album to remember beautiful moments and exciting journeys. Our generation has grown up with the latest techniques and Kodak photo rolls were a rarity.

Once armed with a digital camera, we embarked on the first big trips without the parents and sometimes came back with more or less successful pictures. We then brought these pictures to development, waited excitedly for the result and then finally held the envelope with all photos in the hand. Hard to bear the way home was to see the results and to give into the feeling of walking down the memory lane.

Credit: Janaina C. Falkiewicz (Flickr)

Did not we all just then swear at this very moment to buy a nice album and take the time to paste in the pictures and memories? I definitely. It just never really happened in the end. That’s why that treasure chest exists.

I confess, I have no time and no need to sit down and paste all the pictures one by one, especially in times of smartphones this has now become too time consuming for me. But how and what is there then for easy ways to show the friends and relatives the pictures of recent travel and without that they fall asleep after about five minutes of boredom?

I’m pretty sure that I needed this option on my smartphone. Thus, I can work on it every free minute and have it with me constantly. Apple and its Store were my first point of contact and in the search function, I tried a variety of terms, until I came across the app ‘InShot’.

A video and photo editor, where I can merge the most diverse formats, with music or voice messages inferior and can be decorated with texts, filters, stickers. Sounds perfect and was downloaded directly. The app is easy to use and the latest photos are added to the video stream in seconds. In the end, the video can be shared with all the beautiful memories on the social media networks and sent via WhatsApp. A great way to collect all your memories and watch them again and again. No matter where you are and of course, without the dusty treasure chest.

The app is worth a download – check it out. Here is one of my results: Dublin Video April 2018

IMG_9730 from Angelina Niederpruem on Vimeo.

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