In Hindsight : A letter to my 18 year old self

Radio shows all around Ireland are beginning to take on the habitual stories surrounding the Junior and Leaving Cert exams. The oral  language exams began last week,  and for every second you read this , three students in Ireland, are trying to learn basic French,German and Spanish terms that they will no longer be able to regurgitate, if they ever decided to go to France, Germany or Spain.

The exams for me were terrifying, I had notions and aspirations to study in Galway, move out and become an overall know it all. However in all honesty, I never backed these notions up with the hard work and dedication that they needed in order for them to become true.

345 is the number of points I received that day, the funny thing is I treat this number like Hugh Jackman treats the number 24601 in Les Miserables. I almost thought about deleting it out of  embarrassment.

Now three years later, I am finishing a three year course in Journalism at Griffith College,Dublin. I didn’t get to hang around Eyre Square alot in the process,but I met people from all walks of life and not just rich kids who most of the population believe attend the college. I for one am not rich, and I have struggled to pay the tuition fees just like everyone else trying to get a third level qualification, in all of the colleges in Ireland.

The other misconception is that Griffith is in fact “just off Griffith Avenue”  it too  is about as true as the rich kid statement above.


So below I have decided to write to my 18 year old self who just three short years ago was clinging on to her ‘Bienvenue en France’ book for dear life.


letter to myself

What advice would you give to your 18 year old self? Leave a comment.

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  1. I second not joining any committees! Freaked out more about the whole committee thing than the actual Leaving and it took up so much of my free time… regretted it the moment I signed up.

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