How To Impress your Partner at a Soccer Match

My first football game in Spain
Sporting Gijon vs Atletico Madrid Photo Credit- Denise Spratt
Sporting Gijon vs Atletico Madrid
Photo Credit- Denise Spratt

For all those non-sporty females out there, like myself, there are times when we have to embrace our partners love of sports. It’s good to show interest in each other’s hobbies and passions. There will come a time when your boyfriend or girlfriend will take you to a soccer match , as either something to do together or their friends couldn’t attend. So I’ve laid out some points on basic do’s and dont’s
to help impress your partner.

First tip : THE OFFSIDE RULE– this piece of knowledge is crucial in looking good in front of your partner and the fans at a match. In simple terms, the offside rule is when the player goes beyond the last line of defence before the ball is played forward , then they are offside. I had the unfortunate incident at an Ireland v Austria game this year when I didn’t know the offside rule.

Brian Mclean attempted another goal but it was dismissed because he was offside. I still continued to jump up and scream “WHOOOHOO C’MON IRELAND, GOOOOOAL!”

I looked around horrified at the fact that every fan around me was shaking their heads in disappointment at my lack of knowledge on the offside rule. I definitely embarrassed my boyfriend that day.

Second tip: Presentation/appropriate clothing- I love my glam just as much as the next girl, but stadiums and football pitches tend to be the wrong places for high heeled boots and shoes. Your standing for long periods pitch side unless you get seats in a stadium and it’s hard to jump for joy over a goal when you are in sky-high shoes.

I suggest a good pair of flats or runners. Another suggestion is to dress it down a bit. Don’t wear something that’s meant for a nightclub or your going to be uncomfortable for the whole match.

If you don’t own the Jersey then either borrow a spare one from your partner (if it’s too big then tie a knot in the side to tuck it up) or just wear the team colours.
Another option is the website AliExpress, if you order in a month in advance then you can buy a copy of the Jersey for just over €10 like I did for my Atlético Madrid Jersey! Another experience I had was at the Atlético Madrid vs Sporting Gijon match in Madrid.

I had my Jersey on and headed into the well-known fan bars across from the stadium but little did I know no that Sporting Gijon’s Jersey were red and white striped also. I didn’t realise that I had gone into a Sporting Gijon’s fan pub and wondered why I was getting daggers from fans and spat on…until I finally noticed the team’s name printed on their jerseys. Know your stuff ladies.

Atletico v Sporting Gijon
Atletico v Sporting Gijon

Third Tip: Research- if you really want to put the cherry on top and really impress them then I suggest you google the teams and try to learn the player’s names so you can shout out their name if they score a goal or do something amazing !

Try learn how to pronounce the team’s name correctly, I sadly kept calling Sporting Gijon, Sporting Goujons. That didn’t go down to well with the fans but they did think I was hungry for some chicken .

It will help emphasise your interest. Usually, the teams are released before the match online so you can see who is playing and who is on the bench. The teams Twitter accounts are great for this or the Sky Sports Twitter page.

Sky Sports Twitter Page
Sky Sports Twitter Page

Hopefully, these three basic tips will help you on your way to becoming a soccer fanatic or at least convince your partner that you are one.

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