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Impacts of Emotions on Education/Learning

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“The most significant learning occurs when emotions are integrated with instruction because all body systems are united. The arts are strongly linked to emotions, enhancing the likelihood that students will remember something.” Eric Jensen.

The brain is a complex part of the body and works in harmony with other parts. An individual or student that is emotionally balanced will be able to yield positive results.

Survey finds almost a third of students in Ireland depressed. Emotions have significant effects/ impacts on the way we think and solve problems. Emotions play significant roles in the process of learning. An experiment shows that individuals in negative emotional state performed poorly than those in positive mood. Some studies report that positive emotion has effect on memory retention and recall when it comes to learning. Also, research identified that excess of chronic stress including emotional imbalance impairs learning performance and equally detrimental to the effectiveness of the memory.

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Teacher and learners have their different roles to play in harmonising both physical and emotional learning and wellbeing. Teachers/ tutors are likely to enhance a positive emotional state of learner or mar it depending on the teacher, skills, techniques, behaviour, language and interaction with the learner.

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Teacher is required to maintain a healthy teacher student relationship, healthy learning environment effective classroom management. Some of the identified symptoms of emotional imbalance include:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, and helpless
  • Difficult thinking or remembering
  • Isolating from people/activities
  • Experiencing fatigue and
  • Having difficulty keeping up with daily task.
YouTube video by Cambridge English ,Spain on how emotions impact learning.

In conclusion, it is necessary to understand that the environment/school,     the learner and the teacher have their different roles to play in harmonising physical and emotional learning, thereby creating a balance between them.

It has been identified by research that emotions, be it positive or negative determines the learner’s productivity.

Do well to let me know if am missing any vital information that is essential for this piece which I will appreciate and update.

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  1. Sometimes emotions get in the way of education/learning but not everyone is aware of this. It is good to educate the viewers about this. Thanks Beatrice!

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