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Black humour is just a distinct kind of humour. It can be generally described as, any form of comedy by black people or just comedy that black people connect with very well.

Unlike every other kind, feathers are ruffled and faces are scarred. Black people generally don’t scrutinise and censor their jokes so much, before releasing them.

In black humour, the need to be politically correct is often thrown out the window and replaced with the craving for a good laugh.

Black humour would often expose the good and bad in the black community and place them side by side, in such a way that, almost any black person who sees it would be able to relate.

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What sets it apart from all others is the fact that black people, though from very different parts of the world, often share very similar cultures. 

Black people, no matter where in the world they are from, always strike a nerve with each other, deeper than just their skin tone. 

A black person from say, America, would meet a fellow black person from The Netherlands, would more-than-likely, connect with each other very easily, especially in the area of humour.

Comedians like Chris Rock, Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart and Basket Mouth have done a lot for the black community in terms of comedy.

They have taken black comedy around the world. They have put it in movies, live shows, talk shows etc.

However, there are times we just feel like laughing 

In other to promote black comedy and give us a platform to laugh and just have fun, we have created a Facebook group called, Black Comedy Hub.

In this group, we regularly share jokes by black comedians, funny memes, random funny statements and all things funny, that black people can easily relate to.

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If you like to be politically correct all the time, don’t join. If you have a problem with you feather being ruffled, don’t join.

However, if you are a black person or one who feels very comfortable around black people and you can resonate with black humour, you should totally join.

If you don’t have a problem laughing at yourself, when others laugh at you; if you don’t get annoyed when people make jokes that upset your opinion or orientation, you should totally join.

If you just like to have a good laugh during your lunch break, on your commute to work, after a long day’s work or even in the middle of the night, you should join too.

This is a comedy hub for all things black comedy. Here, it is never that serious.

Who is your favourite black comedian?

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