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ICAD Upstarts: The new faces of Irish advertising



ICAD Upstarts (Institute of Creative Advertising and Design) has finished its run for the year. So what is Upstarts? well its a course that involves 13 candidates chosen that takes place over 6 weeks, were the candidates receive an advertising brief each week from an established advertising agency in Dublin and are required to pitch the idea (required deliveries e.g. Commercial, print, radio, PR, social media) to the required formats of the brief and the client. Candidates pitch to some of the largest agencies there is and get a taste of agency life and creating groundbreaking ideas for clients and to impress different Creative Directors inside agencies, that may hopefully lead to an internship within the creative department.


This year the candidates have decided to get with the theme of ‘Ready for delivery’ where each candidate is made to be the best tasting dish from a new restaurant in town, which is strategically placed at the exhibition night at The Copper House Gallery  on the 11th of December from 6.30pm- 8.30pm. So do check out some of Ireland’s top creative talent in the advertising world.


Have a look at what the candidates have worked on together for the past week building up hype and invites for different agencies around Dublin.

ICAD Upstarts
ICAD Upstarts Menu
















If you happen to be a Creative Director in an agency reading this then come on down and get your meal while it’s hot! And if not, pop on into the Copper House Gallery on the 11th of December at 6.30pm too get a taste for yourself!

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