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I moved to Ireland without ever having been there before

Below you will find that I have recorded a podcast telling the story of how I first moved to Dublin, Ireland from Orlando, Florida after graduating from college and the second part of the story of how I returned to Dublin to get a Postgraduate Degree from Griffith College. To make the relocation smoother, one can hire movers.

After graduating from the University of Central Florida and traveling a fair bit during college, I decided that I wanted the experience of living and working in a different country. I sat down to do some research and one of the very first items that came up on my preliminary Google search was something called the US-Ireland Working Holiday Agreement. This agreement is a program that enables Irish and US citizens to work and travel in the other country for up to 12 months. It is meant to reflect the historical and cultural links between the two countries as well as the economic and commercial relationship. The only rules of eligibility were that you had to be over 18 and had graduated with a college degree in the past year. I knew that I was immediately eligible and I quickly decided without ever having set foot in the country, I was going to live in Dublin, Ireland for a year.

Which I did. I got a job as a hotel receptionist, found a cheap room to rent and ended up having one of the best years of my life. It was so great that when the time came for me to go home, I was devastated and not ready to move on. After some time spent working at a travel company in Orlando, I applied for the Postgraduate Degree program in Journalism and Public Relations at Griffith College back in Dublin. Even now sitting back in my childhood bedroom again because of COVID, I am so happy I decided to pursue this degree. Although I didn’t exactly envision myself completely it at home, I know that when this pandemic insanity has passed I will have the luxury and choice to be able to return to Dublin once again and live there until I am truly ready to move on.–rmEfjw0z0dduLNNV7b/view?usp=sharing

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