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“I feel like myself, whether I wear a skirt or jeans”: Dad of 3 wears heels and skirts.

Photo by Dillon Kydd from pexel

Mark Bryan, an American dad of three, who is married, has been wearing women’s clothes in public. He is an American robotic engineer who lives in Germany. The 61 year old man who started wearing women’s clothes five years ago believes that people should be comfortable in whatever clothes they want to wear and that biding ones style into gender is a bit of injustice especially to people who want to enjoy styling without any form of limitation or questions about their sexual orientation. He also believes that clothes have no gender.

He started wearing heels when his then-girlfriend in college asked him to before he danced with her but it was not until four years ago Mark decided to start wearing skirts. Working in the business corporate environment according to an interview with WION Interview with Mark Bryan , has always had him wearing a suit and a tie and it just got very boring. Wearing black, navy blue, brown and grey colors, were the only color choices men had in suits as well as in shoes, which was the same thing. Shopping for a new pair of shoes while walking down the women’s department made him realize there are nicer colors out there that looked interesting.

Mark Bryan created an instagram account Markbryan911 to share his daily looks and has now become viral. In most of his previous captions, Mark always described himself as “a normal, happily married, straight guy who loves Porsche’s, beautiful women and likes to incorporate a skirt and heels into his daily wardrobe”.

Now, Mark models for Photographers, Magazine covers and top fashion lines.

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