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I am powerless to nothing but my own Emotions

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Jennifer is a 26-year-old with a lot of broken spam emails down her heart, all safely locked, and the key is thrown far away beyond reach…

but 6 months ago she was in a relationship though it happened just to be another spam email to be thrown into her spam box, because of another lie from Mr lover.

connecting with someone and not playing games, being direct, laying out your intentions, having no hidden agenda, only genuine love in getting to know them as a person and soul and that person reciprocating it, is the biggest flex against all the toxic s*it in the world

One can like someone and realize you were not meant for another; it’s okay! might hurt so deep but apart, you’ll heal.

better to disappoint them than disrespect them by holding on to sweet nothings far longer just for the inevitable to still happen

“I feel you should let people go not because you don’t like/love them anymore but because they put you in positions where your efforts are not reciprocated.”

Doubt anybody can love you more than you can love yourself: A relationship is not a cure; won’t save you or make you ‘ whole’. have to love yourself first in all toxic ways so you can complete in all the non-toxic ways so one can share the wholesomeness with someone or on the same level.

It’s okay! even when you create hope that a relationship would complete you or fill all voids, it leads to expectations and when these expectations don’t materialize:

its okay to feel bitter

its okay to be angry

its okay to feel frustrated

its okay to feel disappointed

its okay not to blame yourself

you deserve a direct inbox and not a spasm mail.

I tell you “time” will and always take care of the pain IF NOT WHAT ELSE ?

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5 Responses

  1. A great piece.
    I think we all may learn how to be better at managing our emotions.
    We are only Human after all.
    Don’t search for love in pains

    1. The change in life starts from your thoughts,
      If you change your thoughts,
      Your life will be changed,
      So, change your thinking! And rely on no one.

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