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“I am not the person I was before the violence”: Elaine’s Story as a victim of domestic violence (podcast)

Collage against feminicides in a Parisian street. Credit photo: @collages_feminicides_paris

After five years in the same house, Elaine escaped her abuser. However, he kept harassing her for three more years. She is now trying to reconstruct her life, with her kids and a new kind partner.

Since 1996, 225 women have died violently in the Republic of Ireland. If you are a victim of any kind of violence: physical, sexual, psychological, don’t hesitate to call for help. 37 domestic violence services are located across Ireland; they are free and confidential. Click here to get the list and numbers.

Some statistics about domestic violence in Ireland. Figures from Women’s aid. Infographics by Manon François
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