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‘I am Generation Equality’: International Women’s Day

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The International Women’s Day takes place on Sunday, 8th of March, 2020. This year’s International Women’s Day theme according to the United Nation is; “I am Generation Equality: Realising Women’s Right”. The day is dedicated to Women all over the world to be celebrated, however the theme births a rather intellectual debate.

Photo by Chelsi Peter from Pexels.

Twitter released a new emoji for the International Women’s Day with the hashtag, #EveryWoman. This which was launched on Friday, 6th of March, 2020 to mark the celebration of the day.

The hashtag which is aimed at eliminating any colour or race barriers in the acknowledgement of women at large was used by Maya Hari, the Vice President, Asia Pacific on Twitter to celebrate all Indian women and also women all over the world.


The UN Women urged women celebrate one another and encourage generation equality. They described the theme by using the hashtag, #Generation Equality, as one that celebrates activists who insist on a better humanity and who were courgaeous despite the challenges they encountered.

The theme is geared towards the celebration of women of all colours and women across generations. The YouTube embedded United Nations video further explains the theme, from the desk of the Executive Director, Phumzile  Mlambo-Ngcuka.


The theme been geared towards the acknowledgement of women of different tongues, colour, race, background and age has demonstrated a more unified theme for the International Women’s Day. Generations of women should be remembered and celebrated as women who in their little capacity has made an impact.

Women who fought for the voices of girls and women to be heard should be admired. Women who laid examples down for a better humanity should be applauded. Women who worked towards unity in countries and continents should be celebrated. There are generations of women who laid the foundation for creating a better society for the younger generations to come. I also love reading really good quotes for female empowerment as they really help to motivate me.

The above embedded Youtube video by Inter Press Service News Agency explained further the narrative surrounding the theme. Generation equality has different meanings to different people but the underlying importance and aim of the theme is to start a narrative of women who will make a difference in the world. To examine the notion of women being recognised, approved and also supported by women around the universe. The theme is also geared towards encouraging women to participate in levels of decision making process in the world.

The theme also examines women across borders, which implies that women regardless of who they are or where they are or in whatever capacity they find themselves, they are the writer and the narrator of their stories. Women are the same all over the world and they deserved equal recognition. The Youtube embedded video below from the United Nations examine the five key areas in which gender equality will manifest.


The International Women’s Day Campaign Theme 2020 is : “Each for Equal”. The pose involves placing both arms over each other with an ample distance to demonstrate balance and equality. The Campaign pose is said to have been drawn from, “Collective Individualism” and to demonstrate collaboration. The existence of an equal society starts from individual and also the strength in unity to build a society where both the male gender and the female gender are treated equally.

The Campaign called for the education of the society that equality does not just have to do with genders but it eats into the moral and communal standing of a given society. Equality has to do with treating people equally despite their backgrounds, regardless of  their skin colours, regardless of  the language they speak, regardless of the religion they practise, regardless of the culture they exhibit, regardless of their sexual identity.

The strive for a better humanity starts from each and everyone of us, the key to a peaceful world is to respect and acknowledge people’s beliefs and opinions. This call for equality transcends to gender equality whereby marginalised men in the society are recognised, men who are treated less than they are because of their capabilities or disability to also be treated equally as their counterparts.

The same goes to the female gender, whereby women and men are seen in the same light; the fight for equal pay in workplace; the equality in the way culture treats both men and women; to break down gendered-biased notions are what the campaign entails.

Photo by Rochelle Brockington from EyeEm


According to the World Economic Forum, six areas were highlighted through the International Women’s Day Campaign theme and they are:

1. Championing women forging tech innovation

2. Applauding equality for women athletes

3. Forging inclusive workplaces so women thrive

4. Supporting women to earn on their own terms

5. Empowering women through health education

6. ​Increasing visibility for female creatives

The six areas are the things which the campaign seeks to achieve.
The organisation encouraged the celebration of women and their achievements and also to remember the historic actions of women in the past. The organisation also drew attention to gender violence in the society and the call to action to tackle these violences.

International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities. On 8th March 2020 we will mark the social, economic and cultural and political achievements of women. The day is also a call to action to highlight continuing gender inequality and violence against women. (Women’s Aid)


The NCWI started a 8 days events for the celebration of the International Women’s Day which comprises of 14 events.

The events kickstarted on the 3rd of March, 2020 with exhibition of women’s works at Waterford, followed by an award which took place at Galway which was the ‘Africa Women Roundtable and Intercultural Epic Awards. Other events are plays such as the Masterpieces, a play centred around sexual education; ‘Shit”, a play by Patricia Cornelius which is about misogyny in the society; ‘Offplan’, a play on gender, migration and issues in the Irish Society and ‘A girl from Mogadishu’, a movie on Female Genital Mutilation.

Other events which discusses issues in the society are the ‘Home truths’ event which will examine women’s experiences with the Irish Legal System; ‘Moon Medicine’, an event to celebrate the achievements of certain women in Ireland; Violence Against Women and Girl and the Sustainable Development Goal: 2030 Agenda” symposium which is to take place at Galway; Dr Maureen Gaffney’s speech on ‘Gender at Work’ and the ” Abandoned Film Screening and Discussion” platform to discuss the issue of abortion in Ireland. The launch of SIPTU women workers manifesto will also take place and also the ‘Brazilian Professional Network Ireland’, which will be a platform to discusses various aspect of life of the Female gender.


In a released UN Report on Friday, the 6th of March, 2020, in the Gender Social Norms Index. Respondents from 75 countries all over the world who constitute to the 80% of the World’s population were involved in the survey with the seven key measures of gender equality parameters. The measures included Political leadership, Education, Employment, Business Leaders, Physical violence, etc.

The result was that 91% of men and about 86% of women are biased towards women.

Photo by Priscilla Adewumi.

The report also included the findings that when asked if men made better political leaders than men, half of the people that were surveyed agreed with the statement and 40% felt that men are better business leaders than women. 30% felt that domestic violence is suitable.

The overall study found that women were more into gender equality than men. So, in conclusion, it was found that it is not only men that were biased towards women, women themselves are biased towards one another. This which calls for the theme: “I am Generation Equality: Realising Women’s Right”.


The International Women’s Day is celebrated in several countries in the world. Women and Children organisations organise series of events surrounding the year theme to educate and enlighten the general members of the society.

Some organisations and companies organise parties or events to celebrate their female staffs and acknowledge women around the world.


It all depends on how you wish to celebrate the day, however if you are a woman, treat your fellow woman and uplift women in challenges around you. Do something beautiful for that special female personality in your life and let them know how much they are loved.

Photo by Marisa Monroe from Flickr.

What did you do on the International Women’s Day?

Happy International Women’s Day.

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