Human Appeal – Ireland: Standing up for Syrians
Human Appeal - Ireland helping the Syrians. Credits to Human Appeal - Ireland (Facebook)

Syria has been under a war since more than five years now and nobody really knows when all of this will actually get over. The situation in Syria is getting worse day by day. More than 400,000 innocent Syrians have lost their lives till now and the number continues to grow day after day.
Human Appeal helping the Syrians. Credits to Human Appeal – Ireland (Facebook)

The armed conflict in Syria initially began with anti-government protests and then it went on to be a full-scale civil war. The war is actually between the ones supporting President Bashar al-Assad and those who are against him but the real cost is being paid by the innocent Syrian souls. The Islamic State is also a part of the war and has been causing mass destruction in Syria.

Those involved in the conflict have committed various crimes which include murder, rape, disappearances, etc.

In order to save their lives, approximately 4.8 million people have left their home country, most of which are women and children. While many people fled to Syria’s neighbouring countries like Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, it has also been reported that 10% of the refugees had been accepted by Europe.

Out of all the countries which are doing their best to help the Syrians, Ireland has also graciously opened its arms to the refugees. Although the Irish Government is trying to do its best to bring in the refugees, many NGOs in Ireland have also started showing their support on a big scale. One of those NGOs is Human Appeal.

Human Appeal is a non-profit organisation which works all across the globe to help the poverty and disaster-stricken people and the communities facing social injustice. It has a vision of seeing the world where nobody is poverty-stricken and everyone has enough food to feed themselves and their families and everybody. The NGO is currently working in 28 countries to help the needy.

Human Appeal International was established in 1991 and its branch in Ireland was opened up in the year 2011 and has been able to deliver aid to needy people in zones like Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Among its many contributions towards the betterment of humanity, there is one which is encouraging many others to help as well and that is the good deed of helping the Syrians. Many volunteers from the NGO have been working in the refugees’ camps in countries like Lebanon, Jordan, etc. The NGO had also launched a campaign few months back to help and support the people of Syria.

The organisation had also arranged an event for the campaign and I had attended it as well. What left sad and more concerned for the Syrians were the stories shared by some of the refugees.

One of them was a young girl, Alana, who came to Ireland along with her family in 2012 and has been living here since. She expressed that no child should ever go through what children in Syria are facing. She said that while many people take things like having shelter on their and food for granted, many Syrians are deprived of such basic amenities. Another Syrian, Firdaus, broke down while sharing her story, but still requested everyone to stand up for the cause.

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