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Huawei P30 sets to hit the market.

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Huawei P30 Pro

The latest smartphone from Huawei, P30 is regarded as one of the best smartphones to be made when it finally hits the market. Huawei P30 has been designed to beat other competitors in smartphones production.

One of the outstanding features of this product is the camera. This phone’s camera is tagged ‘rewrite the rules of photography’ as it is equipped with three back cameras of 40 megapixels each. It also has improved lightening that is made to enable the users to take pictures in low light environments, at night and parties. P30 is equipped with RYYB lightening system in place of RGGB in previous devices to give the new device improved lightening of up to 40%.

This smartphone is coming in three different admirable colours. Huawei P30 is designed in black, Aurora and breathing crystal colours to leave the buyers with freedom of choosing their favourites. The phone is designed with a shiny back cover which can be used as a mirror.

The 6.1” OLED HUAWEI Dewdrop display which P30 is equipped with is made to thrill the users with great viewing experience. Kirin 980 is the world’s first 7nm mobile process chipset which P30 is built with, for stronger and better performance and lower battery consumption. The device is made with 6gb RAM and 128gb of storage capacity. Instead of the conventional space created for fingerprints in other devices at the back or under the screen, Huawei P30 is designed with its fingerprint on the screen which engenders usage of a single hand in operating the device.

There is an interconnection between the new P30 and Huawei MateBook laptop as files can be shared between these devices with just one click. Screen actions of the MateBook can be recorded with P30 and saved on the smartphone, and texts can be copied from the MateBook and be pasted in the phone and vice versa.

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