How to travel for a good price: 5 Tips to save money

I do love to travel; either to visit friends or family. To sum-up, I like to discover different culture through the world. In theory, everyone would be able to travel. In practice, it is different as soon as you have to pay for it.
So, here are 5 tips to book a flight for cheap. 


1. Compare is not always a good deal
All of us have already heard about Low cost flights and comparative web sites. But did you know that sometimes it is cheaper to book directly through the company? Liligo, eDreams, Opodo

2. So far so bad
Ryanair and Easyjet are the most popular. But even if the flight is not expensive, the airports are often far from the city center. To reach the airport is now a big deal and you usually have to pay again. Moreover when it is really early in the morning and that you are not able to take the public buses.
If you need to reach or leave the Dublin airport during improbable hours, you can use AirCoach (6 euros).

3. Save as much as you can
When time is to book your flight on the low cost web site, you have to be careful not to click on the many propositions. No, you don’t have to choose your seat (5-10 euros), nor to have a “fast ticket” to avoid the queue (10 euros).
As well, the insurance which are proposed to you could be useless. It depends on your credit card and your own insurance.


4. The early would be the better
Sometimes, we think it is better to book several months before the departure to be sure to pay an attractive price. If you want to travel during holidays or events as a sport cup or the St. Patrick’s Festival, yes obviously. But sometimes, it is better to wait just before to leave. Prices could not be expensive. On my own experience, I book my flights between 4 and 6 weeks before.  Your last chance? Two weeks in advance.

5. Be on time
Finally, there are two timing to remember. First, if you can avoid traveling during the Friday, Sunday and Monday. Those days are full of people. Just think about the majority of the people who work – maybe as you do. As well, to book your flight, there is a time. During business hours, it will be cheaper. During the weekend or after-work, airlines will make money!

My only last advice would be to have fun… And if, as me, you always forget to save money to sleep or eat once in destination, you can use couchsurfing to find great people and eating out for lunch instead of dinners is less expensive. Good trip!

Do you have any tips to share?
If not, Scott Ford has got a lot to give!


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