How to throw an awesome “pathetic single-girl on Valentine’s day” party

Valentine’s day can be rough if you’re a single girl (or boy), but it shouldn’t be – I mean, it’s not even a real holiday. So turn off The Notebook, throw away the tissues, and get together with all your single friends to have an old fashioned “pathetic single-girl on Valentine’s day” party. 



1: Single awareness day (or SAD, lol) is an excuse to invite all your girlfriends over to eat a lot of food and candy. Stock up on chocolate and pizza, drink some wine, and be grateful that you are not one of the many thousands of people out on an awkward first date right now.

2: Have a movie marathon and forget about what’s going on outside. Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up, Wedding Crashers and Crazy Stupid Love are just waiting to be watched, and are all movies that will make you laugh (not cry).



3: Remember that you are strong, independent women (or men), and that you are not defined by your relationships. Being single is cool, you guys.

4: Have a supergirly chat about your dream Valentine – this is a classic at these parties. If you need inspiration,check out Sohandsomeithurts…and just enjoy.

5: Turn on Beyoncé’s Single Ladies (Put a ring on it) and have your own dance party (it’s extra fun if you all do the dance, if you don’t know it already check it out under).

6: If you don’t want to stay inside, dress up and go out for the night. Go clubbing, dancing, maybe hit up The Project Arts Centre, who are hosting Love Sucks, with games and plenty of other single people who are ready to mingle (more info here), or check out the Ceili hosted by the Gathering in the Grand Social (more info here).

So make this Valentine’s day a fun day with your friends, and remember that February 14th is just another day. Happy Single Awareness Day to all!

What are your plans this Valentine’s day? Are you going to use any of the tips above?

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  1. Haha, I love t! So tired of reading “Hot tips for you and your man!” Finally some reading for us women and single women. Thank you, Lina 🙂

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