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How to Survive Being (An Actual) Coeliac in Dublin

If you’ve just been diagnosed Coeliac and have no idea where to start your new life of not-so-great bread, pizza, pasta, baked goods, biscuits… basically everything, do not fret. The Circular is here with the information you need to survive, in Dublin at least.

Thanks to new healthy eating trends, people are willingly taking on a gluten-free diet as part of a healthier lifestyle. Restaurants and cafés around Dublin have therefore had to adapt their kitchens for the high demand of catering for both Coeliacs and people who eat gluten-free. The trick is knowing the difference between which restaurants serve gluten-free food and which serve un-contaminated coeliac-friendly gluten-free food. There is a massive difference now that you’re a Coeliac.

There are dozens of restaurants around Dublin who serve food labelled gluten-free which is actually prepared on the same surfaces and in the same kitchen as food containing wheat. If you’re a Coeliac, you cannot eat there safely. But if you’re one of those willingly gluten-free people … you can.

Rest assured, there are plenty of restaurants in the city that cater safely for Coeliacs, so here’s The Circular’s top 5:
  1. Manifesto, Rathmines
    If you’re looking for pizza that tastes/ looks like actual pizza and less like dry Styrofoam  

  2. Token, Smithfield
    If you’re a fan of any taco known to man, and a pretty great Bloody Mary

  3. China Sichuan, Sandyford
    If you need to curb that Chinese craving, China Sichuan have an entire Gluten Free menu

  4. Douglas & Kaldi, Dundrum
    For all your brunch needs, they can make anything gluten-free

  5. Brasserie Sixty6
    If you’re feeling fancy

And finally, to help you on your way to not being poisoned weekly with your new allergy, here are 5 tips to live by:

  1. If it says “may contain wheat/ gluten”,  it probably does
  2. If it’s cooked in the same oven as normal pizza, don’t chance it (unless it has its own tray)
  3. If its cooked in the same oil as “battered” anything, definitely don’t try it
  4. If the waiter stares at you blankly when you mention coeliac… leave
  5. Learn to cook

For more information on Coeliac disease click here.
For any queries on being tested for Coeliac disease, contact your family GP.

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