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How to style your nappy hair

Hair photocredit: Janet Olufemi

Nappy hair is also known as afro-textured hair, this is the kind of hair black people generally have. Some people relax their hair -which is the use of chemical- because they deem it “unmanageable” or because they won’t be able to do some hair styles they so desire while nappy hair is chemical free.

Over the years a lot of black people especially young adults have come to embrace their nappy hair which is often referred to as “natural hair”,  but it can sometimes be difficult to style especially if you don’t have the basic hair essentials.

Here are five simple ways to style your nappy hair either to work, school or social events and the kind of hair products you will need to achieve these styles.

1) The Afro

Products needed: wide tooth comb, oil and a spritz bottle
Afro hair. Photocredit: Janet Olufemi

2) The Bun

Products needed : brush, hair gel and rubber band
The bun. Photocredit : Janet Olufemi

3) Two Twist

Products needed : brush, cutting comb, hair gel and or hair cream
Two twist. Photocredit : Janet Olufemi

4) The Plait and Twists

Products needed : comb, brush, hair cream and hair gel (Eco styler gel)
The plait and twists, Photocredit: Janet Olufemi

5) Hair Accessory

Products needed: A Bowler hat or any hair accessory of your choice
Hair accessory. Photocredit: Janet Olufemi


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