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How to prepare Pasta/spaghetti

Before you can start making your spaghetti you will need to first get the proper supplies and materials. To make this spaghetti you will need:
A box of spaghetti
Fresh /Tin tomatoes
Two large pots, one for boiling the pasta and the other for making the sauce
Meat or fish
serving untensils
Before you start, fill up a large pot with water and add a handful of salt. Put it on the stove and turn it to high so it’ll start boiling!
Next, you will need to cook the meat. Take all of the meat out of its container and set it all in a large pan, then put the pan on the stove and set the stove to medium.

After that, you will need to break the meat into smaller pieces. When the meat is in small pieces you will then need to start flipping the meat and make sure it gets brown all-around and cooked thoroughly. The cooking should take approximately 10-15 minutes. When all of the meat is brown and cooked you can add in the sauce. I mean the tomato sauce. In the making of the sauce, you need onions, fresh tomato, pepper, 4 cubes of Maggi, Tin tomato, vegetable oil. etc
Place your pot on the Gas cooker. Add in your vegetable oil, when it’s hot you add your onions followed by your tomatoes and pepper allow to stir before adding Maggi then you put in your cooked matched meat, and then stir it all around until it is all blended together. Then turn the heat down to low and let it simmer while you cook the pasta.

Once the water has come up to a boil, you can throw the spaghetti in. Typically it should cook within 7-11 minutes – just follow the time on the box!
Make sure to stir every couple minutes to keep it from sticking.

Depending on your timing, you can either strain the spaghetti and set it aside, or you can put it right into the sauce.
You can do this in a lot of ways but I prefer mixing the noodles in the pan with the sauce. I use tongs to drain the noodles and place them in the sauce and then put in a couple of spoons of pasta water. Stir it all together really well – the pasta water coats all the noodles and lets the sauce stick more.
You can also put plain spaghetti on individual plates and spoon the sauce over top. Whatever works for you. Then serve.

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