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How to make and embed a crossword into wordpress

Go to

Step 1 – Choose what type of puzzle you would like to make from the six options provided.

Step 2 – Create your crossword title (For this example I have chosen the title ‘Fashion accessories’).

Step 3 – Type your clues and answers into the text box in the format provided. *Note: Don’t forget to include the number of letters in the item after the clue*

Step 4 – Click ‘Make my puzzle’

Step 5 – Once your puzzle has been made you will be presented with this page.

Step 6 – Click the save button. You will be presented with two options. Choose the option that allows you to embed the crossword onto a website.

Step 7 – Once saved you will be brought to the below page. Click embed puzzle. Copy whichever HTML link you would like to embed into your piece.

Step 8 – Go to WordPress. Click add new block and search for the custom HTML block.

Step 9 – Paste your HTML link into the block.

Step 10 – Now your embed is complete. Click preview or publish to see how your interactive crossword looks in your article.

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