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So, last night I almost deleted my social media accounts one thing that has been constant with living alone and generally trying to do this adulting thing right is the mood swings. Oh! plus the anxiety

As an overthinker, I read meaning to almost everything and sometimes everything and sometimes I am just not as strong as I think or how people perceive I am. the worst part, I don’t even know what causes the mood swings or anxiety. The best things could be happening to me at this moment and I will still feel empty and scared Then, I quickly said to myself “these are bad moments, not a bad life.”

Knowing who you are and finding peace is a personal internal thing. It’s not something one can fix by external desires, needs, wants, or success. You have to go deep into your core to figure it out and accept yourself, and the rest of the work starts from your discovery.

A quick reminder, don’t go around telling lies to an overthinker; remember these people have developed their heads to look for loopholes in any story. and if it doesn’t make sense, they will struggle and paint more scenarios till it does make sense.

These days, more people think it is okay to defend their bad traits by using zodiac signs, lovers’ emotions, and being a celebrity. but they overthinkers can never comprise because of w=the unexplainable urge to reason which is beyond the physical, is seen as a watchdog for lies.

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People often tell themselves that ” my toxic trait is this and that” believe me it’s a thing for clout. why be so comfortable sharing your unappealing traits? unprovoked to randoms thinking it makes them more desirable is indeed a sensational thing.

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