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How to increase brand awareness using Instagram

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Many brands, big and small, have social media pages. However, some of these brands do not use Social media to increase brand awareness.
Brand awareness refers to the extent to which customers or consumers can recognize a brand.

Here are five easy ways that you can use Instagram to increase brand awareness.

1. Create your profile

Unless your brand is already popular, you will need to tailor your Instagram profile carefully. Your username should be simple and void of special characters which are hard to remember. Your profile picture should be recognizable and unique. This is the first step to building brand awareness.

2. Choose a theme for your posts

Instagram posts are tools for visual communication. Your posts should reflect the brand but should also have a similar theme. The theme may be in the content, colour or aesthetic of the post. By doing this, the audience will be able to recognize your brand even before seeing the profile name. If you post content consistently, you will be able to increase brand awareness faster.

3. Be strategic when using hashtags

Hashtags are a commonly abused tool on Instagram. Hashtags are used by many individuals and brands to gain likes. However, hashtags, when used properly, can be a way for the brand to target the audience they desire.

4. Collaborate with similar brands

Collaborations and partnerships are a popular and cost-effective way of increasing brand awareness on Instagram. For example, Brand A may promote Brand B’s content on Brand A’s Instagram page and vice versa. This collaboration introduces each brand to a new audience but also increases brand awareness. Significantly, this method is popular with small brands or ‘influencers’.

5. Promote your content

If you wish to improve your brand awareness quickly, we suggest that you pay for an Instagram advert. By promoting your content, your brand and content will be shown to people with similar interests or a target audience. Significantly, for this method to work and increase brand awareness, it has to be used often. Repeated use of Instagram adverts will make the brand more recognizable to the audience.

These are are the five ways that you can increase brand awareness using Instagram.


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