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How to get a part-time job in Dublin?

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The country where I came from, we live and dependent on our parents. Here, you need to get a part-time job if you are a student to pay your bills. Dublin is the city of high living costs. Before coming here, get an experience. The most work you will get in as a waiter or in a beauty parlor. You can also get the training of a Barista because here is more coffee shop than you think there is.  Most importantly, you need to make a C.V and first thing they ask is your C.V and other information like when you are available? Are you a student? Have you experienced it?  If you are an international student, they will ask you for your SSP and Visa type so that you are legally fit to work. when you are available and that’s difficult to figure out for a student who is studying and working at the same time. You tell them what days you are free.


Dublin’s economy is blooming so the availability of jobs. There are a lot of jobs available. So, don’t worry if you get a lot of rejections at first. You are destined to find one. Even if you don’t have the experience, they will teach you everything from the beginning.  There is someplace where they will teach you but some like busy ones, they will ask your experience and hire you. Working as a part-timer teaches a lot about time management, manage cost, enhance your skills and communication.

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