How to do a Masters in Ireland in 4 steps

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If you are Brazilian, already have a higher education degree, and are thinking about taking a master’s degree abroad, here is the step-by-step guide on how to apply for a master’s degree in Ireland.

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1. English language proficiency test

The initial step is to study for the English test that will tell you whether you are ready to take the master in English. Some colleges have their own test, but there is the option of taking some tests that are valid worldwide such as IELTS or Cambridge. If you get the required grade for your course, just celebrate because the first step has been taken.

2. Documentation

You will need to prove that you have a degree. To do this, it is sufficient to translate and certified into English your bachelor’s degree and academic transcript from the university you attended.

In addition, you will need your CV and a letter showing your interest in taking a master’s degree at that specific university and, of course, your passport is also required.

3. Send documents to the university

Send all your documentation to the university. It is not mandatory, but in some universities, it is necessary to carry out an interview to analyze your profile.

4. Pay for the course

If after the interview they accept you, just celebrate and pay for the course. The value will always be more expensive for non-Europeans, but the effort is worth it.


How to do a masters in Ireland in 4 steps 📚

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  1. It’s not easy to go to college abroad, I say this as a Brazilian student, but it’s worth it.

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