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How to deal with heartbreak?

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As cliché as it may sound but a true fact is that ‘heartbreaks aren’t easy!’ Most people associate heartbreaks only with break-ups but fail to recognize that rejections are equally tough to handle. There are studies that prove that the human brain registers pain of heartbreak in the same way as physical hurt.

While everyone has their own method of coping with pain. Here are a few tips that may help in getting over a heartbreak:

  1. Stop stalking

In order to allow yourself to move on it is critical to stop stalking your ex or whoever broke your heart. What they are doing in their lives is not your concern anymore. If you keep visiting their social media handles or checking their posts it will play on your mind and it will get tough to divert attention

  • Keep yourself busy

It is critical to keep yourself busy and stay productive or indulge in some creative activity. Being creative helps in focusing your mind and controlling your thoughts much like meditation.

  • Stepping out for a walk or coffee

People who suffer heartbreaks tend to spend most of their time locked inside a room. This is definitely not advisable. One should step out of the house to buy groceries, have coffee with friends, or simply to buy groceries. It can help change the mood for a while.

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  • Reconnecting with friends and family

One should reconnect with friends and family if suffering a heartbreak. We all need someone to share our feelings with. Pouring your heart out to a friend can certainly lighten the emotional baggage.

  • Time is a great healer

All wise men and women would advise you to stay calm and let time do its magic. Any person who is experiencing heartbreak might feel like time isn’t moving however, time helps in fading the pain.  

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