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How to cook my Favourite meal Indomie Noodles

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Indomie noodles are one of my favorite meals. I love noodles because of how easy it is to make. My favorite noodles brand is Indomie. Indomie noodles is one of the largest food brands in Nigeria. Indomie noodles are popular in Nigerian homes.

Indomie noodle is a bit different from the noodles eaten in other countries. Indomie noodles are popular due to how easy it is to cook.

Why Indomie noodles are different from other noodle brands it’s the process it takes to make them, Indomie also includes chili pepper in the packaging. The inclusion of chili pepper in the making of noodles made indomie extremely popular in Nigeria.

Step one
You put the Infomie on fire with boiling water
Step 2
You put your seasoning in the noodles
Step 3
You let it cook for three minutes
Step 4
Prepare the egg and other ingredients to fry the egg
Step 5
You fry the egg for a few minutes
Your indomie noodles are ready.
Indomie is my favorite dish I love preparing it all the time with my friends. I remember growing up I always prepare it with my siblings even though I was terrible at repairing it. The recipe should be followed strictly to get the best results, I hope you enjoy it

Here is the link to my Youtube show where i talk a bit more about How I prepare this special meal.

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