How to Buy Real Tickets to a Sold-out Show

Real Ticket or Beyonce at Your Gaff - Photo Credit Raphael Guillet
Real Ticket or Beyoncé at Your Gaff - Photo Credit Raphael Guillet

On my review of the Marina and the Diamonds concert at The Academy in Dublin I told you about how I got ticket to the show even if it was sold out. Here are some other ways to get tickets to sold out shows.

Here are a few websites I am using to get those rare tickets:

Toutless is a place where people buy and sell tickets. The sellers are suppose to sell them at face value or less but the offers can sometimes be really rare. You’ve got to F5 those threads when you get on the eve of the concert.

Twitter, it may seem odd but if you type the name of the band and/or the venue as keywords in the search bar, you will find a few people trying to sell their tickets. For example if you type Jose Gonzalez + Vicar Street you will find a few offers about this concert. There is also another possibility: the hashtag  #ticketfairy which regroups sellers and buyers on Twitter.

Another way would be searching any adverts website, this a desperate solution, but on or… You could find tickets with a bit of luck. The prices are usually way higher than they should be and some people make money out the fans by buying a lot of tickets and then they sell them at a very high price. Please don’t encourage this business and make sure to avoid fake tickets.

Here are a few tips to make sure the ticket you’re buying is real:

  • Avoid e-tickets like the plague
  • Take down the name of your seller
  • Try to see a picture an actual ticket to see how resembling it is
Real Ticket or Beyonce at Your Gaff - Photo Credit Raphael Guillet
Real Ticket for Beyoncé at Your Gaff – Photo Credit: Raphael Guillet

Finally, in any case you should definitely check these websites at least once a day, and even more about 2 days before the show.

If you want to know more about the black market of concert tickets in Dublin check out this article I wrote for last year.

If anyone is selling a ticket for Jose Gonzalez in Vicar Street next week hit me up on twitter!

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