How to become a better singer in the shower

Photo credit: Elena Pérez Melgarejo (Flickr)
Photo credit: Elena Pérez Melgarejo (Flickr)

Do you feel like you voice is not good enough to pass the bathroom door? Don´t worry, we spoke to Sandra Linnèa Lindwall – a student at a musical theatre school in Oslo Norway who specializes in musical, acting and song. Here is her guide on how you can practice in the shower and maybe one day bring your voice outside.

Photo Credit: Elvin (Flickr)
Illustration Photo. Credit: Elvin (Flickr)

6 steps on how to become a better singer:

  1. Choose songs, artists or genres that inspire and motivate you.
  2. If you are an inexperienced singer who wants to learn how to get better by your self, you should choose songs that are easy to accomplish to avoid misuse of your voice and so you don’t loose your motivation.
  3. If a song contains difficult parts it´s an idea to separate them and rehearse each part, then put all the parts together in the context. The practice will then be saved in your muscle memory and when the hard part is coming you body will know what to do.
  4. Use you stomach and not your throat. In a worst-case scenario it can lead to voice problems if you project the sound from your throat.
    A rule to remember: If it hurts when you are singing you’re not using the right technique.
  5. Not just practise technique, but also attach great importance to expression and dissemination. Your body and voice are interrelated, so if you practice dissemination you might find the technique easier.
  6. The key to become a good singer is practice practice practice.

Lindwall has a lot of experience with music and singing and she has always been passionate about it. “I chose to study this because it gives me very much and if you want to be good you have to go all in for it”, she said in a recent interview.

Sandra Linnèa Lindwall guides you on how to become a better singer. Photo: Her own.
Sandra Linnèa Lindwall guides you on how to become a better singer. Photo: Her own.

In Lindwall’s case music is just a hobby, but if she some day gets do her hobby for a living nothing will be better. “For me song can be compared with therapy, I get to express my feelings in a creative way that can touches others”.

Her future plan is to move to Denmark next year and continue her studies. Her dream job is being able to stand on a stage and make a living out of it, whether in musical or with a band.

Singing in the shower – some FAQs

Can someone who is tone deaf practice and become better?
“I think a tone deaf person can train themself to a certain extent by learning techniques in singing. But lack of musicality might make it difficult for the person and they might loose motivation after a while.”

How can one develop their voice if they can sing a little already?
“If you want to become better at singing I recommend that you seek out a singing teacher who can guide you. Then you become more aware of how the voice works and learn the techniques right”. 

What do you think about singing in the shower?
“Personally I think it´s very boring to shower and music makes it more fun. So singing in the shower is fine by me. The important thing is to listen to music you like”.

Do you sing in the shower yourself?
“I have to admit that I do, but that´s not where my rehearsals is taking part.”

Here are five songs Lindwall likes to sing in the shower, try them out yourself:

Also check out if you are tone deaf or not with this tone deaf test.

Do you have any favorite songs you usually sing in the shower? Leave a comment below and share it with others. 


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