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How the way to listen music changed over the last years

Photo by Vishnu R Nair from Pexels

The music is now in the clouds! The last decade of music defined as the most advanced decade in the field due to the high advances in technologies. The 2010s shaped the music industry as well as new tendencies that allow users to enjoy listening to their favourite artists anywhere at any time. Said that here’s how the industry has changed over the last years.

  1. Streaming Apps

It’s undeniable how convenient it is finding music or new artists through streaming apps such as Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal. Loads of daily playlists, recommendations and the pleasure to share a new discovery with friends via social media. The popularity of this new method made the purchase of physical and digital albums decrease significantly. In addition, it is an outstanding tool for those who want to publish their own songs on the platform.

2. Engagement with your favourite artists

Most of people worldwide have a smartphone, which allows them to access social medias. The interesting thing is that we are close than ever from our favourite artists to check what the star has been up to and try to interact with them via messages on Instagram and Twitter. In other decades this would be just possible attending concerts or buying monthly magazines.

3. International artists becoming popular than ever

As mentioned in the two topics above, the streamings apps and YouTube opened a gate for those that never heard before different genres such as the Asian groups such as BTS and Blackpink or even the Latin music, which became a trend with the viral Despacito, Agua and Yo Perreo Sola by J Balvin. 

You can also listen to the podcast below with more details about the last decade of music.
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