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How The Palestinian Genocide Has Affected The Youth

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In a recent podcast, we interviewed 2 local Palestinians in regards to the current genocide taking place in Gaza.

Aziz Abushark is a Palestinian student living here in Dublin, Ireland with his family and Dr. Heba Asif is a doctor based in the UK. Both our interviewees took some time out to speak of the current genocides taking place in Palestine and as they still have family back home, in Gaza, who they constantly try to stay in touch with. Through this podcast we aim to raise awareness and make people understand about how real and terrorizing the current situation in Gaza, Palestine is. Through their story we’ve learnt about how difficult it is for the Palestinians to survive and to even go by everyday without the basic needs such as water, food and shelter being taken away from them due to this war.

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Latest Update: Hamas stated on Thursday its intention to dispatch a delegation to Cairo promptly to continue discussions on cease-fire negotiations, in response to Egypt’s latest proposal. In a released statement, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh mentioned his conversation with Egypt’s intelligence chief, emphasizing the movement’s positive approach to reviewing the cease-fire proposal. However, the statement did not specify the delegation’s travel schedule.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited the Middle East this week to intensify efforts towards reaching a cease-fire agreement. The proposed truce would involve the release of hostages held by Hamas in exchange for cessation of hostilities and the provision of essential humanitarian aid such as food, medicine, and water to Gaza. Additionally, the deal is expected to include the release of Palestinian prisoners.

According to estimates by the United Nations released on Thursday, even if the Israel-Hamas conflict were to cease immediately, it would take until 2040 to reconstruct all the homes destroyed during nearly seven months of Israel’s bombardment and ground offensives in Gaza.

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Another crucial example of how the Palestinian genocide is affecting the youths can be seen from the recent protest rally held by Boston College students against the Israel-Hamas war last week.

Bullhorns were prohibited to avoid disturbing students studying for finals. Tents were not permitted, and students with prior arrests at other protests on Boston campuses were excluded. Following an allocated hour, the students quietly returned to their rooms.

A wave of student protests has swept across the nation since authorities first attempted to disband an encampment at Columbia University in New York nearly two weeks ago. While fiery rhetoric and turbulent arrests have occurred at prominent campuses spanning from New York to Los Angeles, millions of students nationwide have persisted in their daily routines of navigating through school, socializing, and preparing for exams.

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These protests are highlighting significant differences among Americans in 2024, even among groups that historically united during times of division, such as the 1960s.

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