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How the Covid-19 pandemic changed traditional shopping algorithms

Image by Eugen Visan from Pixabay

On March 31st, KPMG Ireland, a member of the KPMG global organisation, has posted a recent survey based on the insights from consumers across 16 counties, regions and jurisdictions, including residents of Ireland. The report shows data on how COVID-19 has impacted customers shopping routine. 

Since the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic, society learned to live through the greatest disaster of modern times. For more than one year, millions of people worldwide struggle to overcome the disease and its outcomes for health and adapt to changes in economic and social life. Many had to endure constant stress from losing their jobs, working from home with problems arising daily, and thriving depression after isolation from family or friends or relatives’ death. 

While governments in Ireland and abroad promote the slow return of society to normal activities, people are trying to adapt to recent restrictions and change their routine to lessen the risk of illness. One of the most extensive alterations became the transition of traditional face to face communication to the usage of digital technologies on a daily basis. 

According to the new updates in the survey entitled Me, my life, my wallet conducted by KPMG, which gathered the views from more than 18,000 consumers across 16 counties and regions, including 829 respondents from the Republic of Ireland, overall online shopping in Ireland rose for more than 68%.

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The rate of visiting websites is higher for companies, which improve their customer service due to the pandemic. The survey results revealed that a human webchat was more important for 95% of Irish consumers than having a mobile app (84%). 

It also applies to regular shops open to the public. The data received by the survey show that 88% of consumers are more focused on personal wellbeing and expect businesses to consider keeping their customers safe as their top priority. 

Other results published in the report detail how the pandemic influenced Irish customers behaviour and choices based on one’s finances. While the pre-COVID personal priority for future finances has not crossed the lane of 42% over current finances, today’s figure rose to 49%. 

When asked about the items, Irish consumers would cut their spending on most, 46% of customers decided that they would instead buy less clothing than before the Covid-19, and 44% would spend less on leisure activity. 

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