How Not To Eat Camembert

The famous Camembert is a French cheese originating from the region of Normandy. The region of Normandy is so called because of the Viking (or Norman, or Northman) settlements that occurred during the Middle Ages. The most famous of these Normans (or Northmen) would be William the Conqueror (or as the French call him, Guillaume le Conquérant) thanks to whom half of the modern English language is composed of French.

Camembert cheese (France) Source: Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons. Free for commercial use. No attribution required)

So if one is on a Korean Air flight from the South Pacific (Auckland, Nandi or Sydney, alphabetically listed) to the final destination of Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, one might get to fly on an Air France flight from Incheon, Seoul to Paris. Vive la SkyTeam!

Voilà, then, getting back to the anecdotal histoire of how not to eat “a kind of rich, soft, creamy cheese with a whitish rind, originally made near Camembert in Normandy” (Oxford Dictionary of English, macOS Dictionary.) Let us remember that Camembert cheese can be quite ripe, though not as much as the Northern French Maroilles cheese or the Alsatian Munster cheese. 

Nahaufnahme von Camembert-Käse

Donc, if a person is sitting alongside (and perhaps for the first time on an Air France long-haul flight) and sees Camembert French cheese for the first time, one must remind them not to get too excited about the exotic “French cheese!” but gorging the entire piece into their mouths. Lest, one might get to see the spectacle of the entire ripe cheese getting regurgitated onto the napkin in full vision, which shall remain fixed as a mental image for good.


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