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How Nigerian Weddings Have Become The Hub of Beauty Destination

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The country is something of a final frontier for beauty companies. “Everyone has started to realize Nigeria’s potential,” says Sekou Coulibaly, Nigeria general manager for L’Oréal  “It’s very rare to find countries that show strong growth potential, especially in this market. More mature countries are harder to break into.’

But, Nigeria is the biggest country in West Africa, and it is seen that ‘an average girl has an idea on applying makeup’, even those in the diaspora are acknowledged for their makeup skill by other African nationals. Many of the big beauty brands started expanding into the Nigerian market just a few years ago, at a particularly crucial time in the country’s development.

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Women love to look beautiful anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night, but particularly on their wedding day, when all eyes are on them and the expectation to look flawless is intense. They have to look flawless and drop-dead stunning on days like this. This is why they hire talented make-up artists, who can enhance them with a few waves of their wands (or brushes, as the case may be) to make them look like princesses from faraway castles. But, as the saying goes, nothing worthwhile comes easily. Such is the cost of wedding makeup in Nigeria, which is, to put it bluntly, exorbitant.

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The cost of wedding makeup in Nigeria, like the majority of other aspects of a wedding, is not set; it is determined by a variety of factors, some of which are mentioned below:
• The make-up artist’s spot (that is, the distance between where the makeup artist lives and where the bride plans to get wed).
• The sort of make-up that will be used by the make-up artist.

• The number of people (bride and her maids) who will be glammed up by the makeup artist; • The make-up artist’s prestige and experience

The time (number of days) that will be required of the makeup artist – some wedding ceremonies are like festivities and can span several days.


Some makeup artists charge as little as #10,000, while others charge as much as #300,000 or even more. For example, Jide St. Ola, one of Nigeria’s top makeup artists and a beauty influencer, believes that the minimum amount a woman can budget for her wedding makeup is #300,000; she may expect to spend much more, but she should not expect to spend less. Ben Isibor of BB’s Touch, another makeup artist, disagrees with Jide St. Ola, believing that any number between #40,000 and #80,000 should suffice for wedding makeup.

And, while I am not an expert on the subject, I believe that the amount you spend on wedding makeup will be determined by the amount of money you have in your bank account. If you’re the sort who can easily spend $30,000 on wedding makeup without breaking a sweat, then go ahead. If you aren’t, find a makeup artist that is within your budget and employ them. No matter how much you spend, if you look hard enough, you’ll find a makeup artist who can work for that budget and still make you look glamorous enough for your wedding.

Seeing as you only get wed once, however, you should do your best to spare no expense at making yourself look as good as you can. There is a difference between the types of products used for makeup, as you very well know, and the makeup artist will only use products that the money you pay can afford.


The thirst for having flawless makeup in a wedding ceremony #WeddingFaceBeat is not only seen by brides alone rather invited guests and the bridal girls are now hopping on the trend of looking perfect for an event. However, the prices are different from the bride’s makeup being the fact that their just guest, family, and friends of the bride don’t give them the chance to steal the show.
  • For the bridal train (maids) each persons makeup may cost 10-15 thousand naira depending on the number
  • And for the family of the bride, the bride’s makeup artist may include the bills in her budget or take 10 thousand naira for  #WeddingguestFaceBeat.
  • Lastly, are the guests, this group may go into a walk-in make-up studio and get the face-beat of their choice. And a studio makeup’s cost is based on the type of products, the popularity of the Artist, and the picture sections if requested.

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  1. Nigerians wedding are very glamorous and reflect the rich cultural heritage of diversity in the Africa most populous country

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