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How Music Helped Two People Overcome Their Depression

Music has the power to make you feel happy, sad, angry, nostalgic or hundreds of other different emotions.

One song can be interpreted in many different ways depending on who you ask.

Musicians and songwriters use music to express themselves. Through sharing their experiences and musings they enable listeners to relate their songs to themselves, this is especially the case with sad songs.

Two young women who both used music to help deal with their depression and other mental health difficulties share their stories.

Songwriter Ej Mae talks about how she used her own music to deal with depression whereas Student Lena Klein shares how she used other peoples’ music to help her cope.

This documentary explores these differing uses of music to help with mental health difficulties and shares the powerful stories of how these two young women overcame depression.

Interview by Kym Duignan

If you have been affected by the content of this article please talk to a trusted friend, family member or medical professional.

Here are some mental health charities who can also offer you support:

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