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How is Dublin doing when it comes to following the rules and regulations of the Covid-19 restrictions?

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Garda have been warned to keep their eyes peeled, ensuring people follow safety precautions to prevent the spread of the disease. They also have the added responsibility of handing out fines and potentially jail time to those who are disobedient in regards to the 2km travel restriction. Garda have also received extra authority to detain people if they refuse to self-isolate.

“The spread of the virus is slowing but people travelling could give it a boost – spreading it and seeding it in areas unaffected so far,” he said. “Stay at home and #flattenthecurve.” – Leo Varadkar

Fascinating enough, statistics prove that Dublin has done as well as the rest of Ireland, and better than most nations when it comes to staying at home.These statistics were gathered by google using people’s location history on their phones to anonymously analyze if the stay at home orders were effective at keeping people inside their homes. Google share the data they collect anonymously in a document ‘COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports’, which shows readers how effective social distancing is working in different areas. The document was released on March 29th, and it demonstrates the change in crowd sizes at various places like parks and grocery stores. Foot traffic is significantly lower at the shops, recreation facilities, workplaces, as well as transport hubs.

Transport hub traffic is down 82%, Workplace traffic is down 58%, Food shops and Pharmacies are down 35%, visits to parks are down 65%, and time spent at home has increased by 20%. Recreational places around Dublin: Resturaunts, cafes, shopping centers, museums, libraries and cinemas have seen activity drop by as much as 85%.

In addition to many of these locations being shut down by the government, most workers have been strongly encouraged to work from home unless their work is classified as essential.

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