How important is Parents’ education?

who thinks i have a book problem? Photo Credit, Eunice(Flickr)

My first impression of Ireland was peaceful, the people was friendly, the sky was blue and the air was fresh. Since year 2008, I begin to live an independent life. I was living alone without the help from my parents. I tried to live independently and know how to deal with all kind of things in my life. In this process, I kept comparing the difference of lifestyle between the Western and Eastern countries, especially in the children education issues. Parents in the Eastern countries will be much focus on didactic education, while the parents in the Western countries advocate freedom education. But I always wanted to know what is the scale of the freedom education.

Based on two true stories

Two years ago, I was working in a coffee shop in Ireland. The customers often bring their children with them, and most of the time the customers only focusing in talking to their friends and often let their children running around the place and some even throwing foods on the chairs and floors. Some parents will just covered the mess with the tissue papers and leave without saying a sorry for it. I have always wanted to ask them, “Will you let your children do the same in your own house?”. Although they are the customers, but why can’t they set a good example for their children and let them know the basic respect for others. Some customers will apologize and help to clean the mess, this kind of parents at least have shown a good example for their children. Of course, there are some parents, like parents in the Eastern countries that will tell their children to keep quiet and keep the place clean. This is to educate the child not to caused any trouble to other people and may reflect the personal quality of that child.

kids in Ireland  Photo Credit, Dietmar Temps(Flickr)
kids in Ireland Photo Credit, Dietmar Temps (Flickr)

Last year, I started a new job in a takeaway shop. We have a lot of teenager customers in our shop. I always felt that if you want others to respect you, first you have to respect others. Even if they are teenagers, they should get the basic respect from us. That is what I thought it will work the same for those teenager customers in our shop, but that was not what I have expected. No matter how nice you are to them, they will not bother at all. They like to hang around with their mates in our shop and if you ask them to leave or lower down their voice, they will start to curse you and do bad things to you. Yet you can do them no harm because they are protected by the Irish government laws. I always wondering why are they still hanging around at the street at late night? Do their parents not worried about them? What is their family education like? What is the family education like in the Western families? I urge all the parents to pay more attention to their children, you might realized that you actually do not understand your kids well enough.

who thinks i have a book problem? Photo Credit, Eunice(Flickr)
who thinks i have a book problem? Photo Credit, Eunice (Flickr)

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