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How has Dubai become the influencers’ paradise ?

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

Behind all the fancy and glamorous images of Dubai that often appear on social media, influencers are all moving there for some years now. The more people you get, the more attractive you are apparently. But how has the UAE convinced us that Dubai is paradise on Earth?

Luxury shops, fancy restaurants and high buildings, Dubai seems like the perfect place, not only to travel but also to live. Well, let’s remind us that the UAE is exploiting foreign workers, and does not respect women’s rights as well. But how could we forget that? Sheikh Hamdan, the Prince of Dubai, has worked hard on this one. He wants us to believe the UAE are showing progress in every aspects to seem more attractive and open-minded in order to please the Western Countries. 

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Last March, the Prince volunteered to invest $12 millions in Israel, he would like to be a partner in order to help Israel’s economy causes by the Coronavirus crisis. Such as the other Middle East countries, we would be mistaken to think that they have great relationships with Israel. As a matter of facts, it has been a difficult situation for two decades until the former President Donald Trump convinced them

Concerning women’s rights, they can vote, drive, study, work and get a property, but they also need the approval of their “guardians”, usually a father, a brother or a husband. As you will have realized, a man.

This country is in fact full of contradictions. It seems that foreign women are freer than local women, we do believe that because of many foreign influencers who move there and live their best life.

That is unfortunately not the only issue. In fact, foreign workers such as Pakistani, Indians, or African come to work because Dubai seems like an opportunity to escape poverty. Well, they actually live in disastrous “place of living”, they get a day a week to rest but they do not get any money to enjoy at least a minimum. If they want to leave the country, they would need an authorisation from their employer, who always deny it. Dubai has created modern slavery.

So why are they so many to move to the UAE after all this ? Some would answer that it is for a safety reason, that you can both live in “paradise” and grow your business. These are actually true (if we forget what’s written in the paragraphs above) but the thing which makes a clear difference is simple : they pay less taxes.

So the founder of Huda Beauty or Joelle Mardinian can enjoy the sun in Dubai, but they also have to turn a blind eye to what is really happening in their place of living.

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