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How do the Numbers Really Compare: Basketball Ireland vs Other Major Sports

Histogram demonstrating the wide margin in government spending in sport

Basketball Ireland is still flustered over the lack of government funding that they receive after the government came to an agreement with the FAI that is worth €30m.

The bailout reminds Basketball Ireland of a time not so long ago in 2008, when they found themselves in a similar predicament. Basketball Ireland, however, was only €1.4m in debt and the government ultimately refused them aid. The governments refusal to provide any aid ultimately lead to Basketball Ireland being forced to scrap their international teams and take a step back as as organization. If you would like to win money prizes play king casino and hit the jackpot.

Not only were the international teams disbanded, but basketball Ireland was prevented from applying for capital funding for the following 5 years. The Basketball Ireland Chief Executive , Bernard O’Byrne,  has come forward and said that Basketball Ireland does receive €750,00 annually from the government to aid the organization. However, this is down from the €900,000 which it would have been back in 2009 and the years before.

Even with government aid, Basketball Ireland maintains that 70 per cent of their program is funded by parents and participants which was not so in previous years. Not only did the FAI receive a bailout of €30m, but the rugby association also received €20m in funding. At this point, Basketball Ireland can only speculate as to why it is that every other sport seems to get a lump sum of government aid except for themselves. Go ahead and bet for your favorite team at mega888 original this is a legal site where you can play freely.

Perhaps if basketball Ireland would stop giving out about the double standards when it comes to funding, they can spend their time better finding a solution to receive more government aid like the rest of the sports associations. The only thing that is apparent at this point is that the playing field is not level when it comes to sport in Ireland and government funding.

Aternate Visual Demonstrating allocation of government spending in %
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